Kaiser's Room offers arts-based enrichment classes designed to awaken the creativity that lives in all of us. Participants in our classes learn to follow direction, build attention capacity, and improve social interaction in a loosely-structured, engaging atmosphere. We ensure that every student gets an opportunity to take part in activities — there's no "getting kicked out of class" at Kaiser's Room. 



The KR Acting Class offers carefully designed theatre and improvisational games to facilitate imaginative play and self-expression.

Games include “Emotional Charades” where each student gets a turn choosing an emotion and demonstrating it while pantomiming a mundane activity like showering or brushing teeth, while the rest of the class guesses what emotion the student is portraying or “feeling”; “Magic Wand” where the participants use a prop to transform others into animals or iconic archetypes; and “This Is A…” where the students pass around an object and come up with different things that it can be. We believe that imagination is a muscle that must be exercised to develop appropriately.

CLASS GOALS ARE: imaginative play, flexibility, self-expression, and a desire to connect with others. All Kaiser’s Room classes are adaptive for all communication levels, mobility, and behaviors.



The KR Dance class is designed to help individuals of any developmental profile grow through imaginative and fun basic dance movements and movement-based games.

Dance activities include “My Toes Go Up” where the participants choose which body part they would like the group to isolate and move “up, down, and ‘round and ‘round”; “Everybody Do This” where the students each take turns being the leader and demonstrate a dance move for everyone else to repeat; and “Peanut Butter and Jelly” where the students imagine their legs are a delish sandwich that they get to eat while stretching their hamstrings.

Our dance classes help with mental and physical flexibility, balance and agility as well as imaginative play and inter-personal connection in a safe, loving, yet structured environment. All Kaiser’s Room classes are adaptive for all communication levels, mobility, and behaviors.

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KR Music

Through a unique educational movement-based music class for people of all ages and levels of development, the Kaiser’s Room team has integrated movement and music with fun games that strengthen musical intelligence, aid in understanding sound through more tangible, physical movements, and encourage connection to others through music. Our classes give students a different way of listening and engaging with the auditory world. 


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