We are offering our KR Dance and Acting classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays this winter!


Classes will take place on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons at SNACK* (316 E 53rd Street), from January 23-March 27, 2018. We are offering a free trial class for families that want to try out our programming!

10 Classes

$75 per class
($750 for the session)


To register and for further information or additional questions, please email info@kaisersroom.org.



Our acting class offers carefully designed theatre games and imaginative play such as “Wizard” where the teacher becomes a wizard and transforms the students into animals or iconic archetypes; “Magic Wand” where the participants use a prop to transform others into animals or iconic archetypes; and “This Is A…” where the students pass around an object and come up with different things that it can be. Imagination is a muscle, and must be exercised to develop appropriately. Class goals are: flexibility, an understanding of ensemble, and a desire to connect to the outside world.



The KR Dance class is designed to help individuals of any developmental profile grow through fun and basic dance movements and movement-based games such as “My Toes Go Up” where the participants decide which body part they will isolate to move “up, down, and ‘round and ‘round” and “Everybody Do This” where the students take turns being the leader and everyone follows in the movement they’ve created.  Our dance classes help with flexibility, balance and agility in a safe, loving, yet structured environment.